One word….AMAZING!

What more can be said about Connor Mc Keon that hasn’t been said already? We’ll tell you first hand.. Connor. Is. AMAZING. Without a doubt one of THE highlights of our special day in Ireland! Sarah and I had planned our dream wedding but were loathe to go the “DJ” route. We wanted live, upbeat music to really punctuate our day – and Connor did not disappoint! Lights, sound, song selection, tempo, everything – simply perfect. Connor even adapted my song selection (for the mother and son dance) into a very touching acoustic performance. No dry eye’s in the place. The reception was a solid 3 hours of fun and several million calories were burned tearing up the dance floor. Each and every member of the band was on point and extremely “into it”. We especially loved the fact that Connor was able to get Sarah up and sing! (Not an easy task in and of itself). We simply cannot say enough good things about their professionalism and punctuality – all around. From booking through to the performance; each step of the process was simply effortless. Our thanks to you, Connor. You have a permanent place in our hearts! Thank you!






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